7 Top Kayak Fishing Tips

Kayak Fishing has to be one of the most fulfilling hobbies any fisherman can do. There is just something about being in stealth mode and enjoying the outdoors from a kayak and add to that, the fact that kayak fishing in itself can be challenging as well.

Why is it challenging? Well if you haven’t done it before you may not fully understand, but for me, one of the biggest challenges is trying to be economical with your gear so you aren’t carrying just about every tool. With the space limitation and also the weight factor, it can be easy to get carried away and fill your tackle bag and then struggle to find the gear you need when you need it. Having only the gear you need though is like reading the future… “What will I need?”, “if I hook a big one while out there, I may also need…” etc etc.

However, this should NOT hold you back. These days there are tools and accessories that serve more than one purpose. Take the TKF Stainless Steel Lip Grips for example. We incorporated lip grips, tape measure and scales into one compact tool. So utilising tools that serve multiple uses can save space but not impact you when you need a specific tool. 

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Tips for Kayak Fishing

  1. Pack Light... don't get too carried away packing every tool you have. Think in advance what tools you may or may not need so you can lighten the load.
  2. Look for tools that offer multiple uses so you maximise how much you can do with any, one accessory.
  3. Clean and sort your tackle box/bag to ensure all the gear, lures and line you need are in there and easy to get to. Don't go out with a box like above. 
  4. Use leashes on your gear to ensure that while you are in the moment getting your fish in or while dehooking it, that you do not drop your gear overboard. Now that would be upsetting. Leashes also assist with grabbing the gear you need as it will always be attached to your Yak.
  5. Use a paddle leash... why? because when you do hook up, moving your paddle in a hurry can be essential. But while you are reeling in your big fish, your paddle can fall overboard. So utilising a paddle leash can help to get it back in the Yak. Alternatively, instead of finding somewhere to put your paddle, drop it in the water beside your Yak and still ensure it is close when you are ready to paddle again.
  6. Don't panic or get excited when you hook up. When you hook up, it is natural to get all excited or panic and then rustle around. Take your time, if the fish is hooked, it isn't going anywhere straight away. Just let it run a bit if necessary while you get sorted. 
  7. Reduce your drag. Reducing your drag on your reel can help with providing a little extra time to sort your paddle and grab your rod without loading your line up and loosing your fish. Don't reduce too much as your fish will keep going and bury itself in snags and make it hard to get it out. 

"Being on the water and catching no fish, is still better than not being on the water at all."

The biggest thing you need to remember is... have fun. Being on the water and catching no fish, is still better than not being on the water at all. So just take it in, enjoy it and relax. Then, no matter what happens, you go home happy and satisfied. 

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