LIGHTHOUSE LURES are handcrafted in australia

Starting with a blank piece of wood, Lighthouse Lures are all designed and hand crafted to become one of the most successful lures you will use in nearly any waters.

With a passion for Australian Fish and enjoying being on the water chasing them, Greg "Lighthouse" designs and handcrafts so you get the most from them. From a young age fishing with his pop, Greg become fascinated in learning the art of catching fish. After taking a break from all forms of fishing to follow his career, he found his way back to being obsessed with chasing Aussie fish and creating lures that make that even more fun and possible. Nowadays, Lighthouse Lures are catching fish of many species and size and have a range to cater for all your trips.

Not only do we love making lures and catching fish, we also love seeing what you catch on Lighthouse Lures. Make sure you head over to our Facebook Page and share your images so we can get that extra buzz. Head to 👉