'FOLDAWAY' Folding Landing Net


Have space in your boat, kayak or bag but have a net that you can use easily for your catch. The FOLDAWAY net is super compact, yet very strong.

  • Lightweight Aluminium frame and construction makes it easy to use
  • Super Strong Design so you can land anything from a Flathead, Bream, Cod or any other fish with ease.
  • Rubber Coated Netting to prevent nasty net hookups and protect your fish for catch-and-release fishing.

Compact and Versatile Extendable and Folding Landing Net

When you are fishing, you want a good net to bring in that fish when you get it close. BUT, you don’t want it to be in the way when you are not using it… The ‘FOLDAWAY’ Folding Landing Net is the best net you will ever own. With it’s quick-folding feature, you can leave it folded and when you need it, easily unfold it and know that you will bring in the fish easily and comfortably.

NO MORE NET HOOKUPS… We have ensured we used the highest quality rubber materiel to coat the netting to ensure that those nasty net hookups are eliminated. Existing netting used to be a nightmare when your hook gets caught in the netting. You would nearly have to cut the net to get your hook out. But no longer with the Rubber Coated Netting.

This folding landing net is compact and versatile. With a telescopic handle and the ability to fold into a compact size, it is perfect for boats, kayaks or land fishing. With its lightweight aluminium frame, it makes it easy to get your fish on board.

  • Lightweight design – Only 400 grams
  • Telescopic handle for added length
  • 120cm extended length, 89cm retracted length
  • Net Size (W x L x D) – 40cm x 40cm x 30cm
  • Less hook tangling with Strong Rubber Coated netting material
  • A comfy grip on the handle
  • Easy to use and fold or unfold

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