About Lighthouse Lures

Welcome to the Lighthouse.

Having started fishing back when he was young, Greg (Lighthouse) Lang had a true love for not just catching fish, but the entire art of it. From learning new knots, casting accuracy and now the process of creating lures that work so well and make owning them a treat. It is now a complete passion and mission to create lures that look fantastic, have an action that is better then all the rest and make you appreciate owning and using them.

Lighthouse Lures is a representation of all things that Greg is passionate about and helping you to enjoy all things fishing as well. From design through to the testing process and then finally delivering the completed lure to you, it is done with passion and complete care for both perfection and the end result. 

 #LightUpYourFishing - is what Lighthouse Lures is all about. Making your fishing trips light up with fun and fish. Its that easy... have more fun and catch more fish.... 😎🎣


“To help fisherman learn and love all things lure fishing."