'FOLDAWAY' Large Folding Landing Net


The ‘FOLDAWAY’ Large Folding Landing Net’s unique folding feature allows you to save space in your kayak, boat or car yet be quick to expand and strong enough for your biggest fish. With its lightweight aluminium frame, it makes it easy to get your fish on board.

With one small movement, the landing net folds into a more compact unit to allow you to store it away if you are short of space and with complete ease in extending up, you can be ready to land the fish by the time it is at the boat.

Perfect for Kayaks, Boats or onshore fishing where you don’t want to have a net getting in the way constantly.

  • Lightweight Aluminium frame and construction makes it easy to use
  • Super Strong Design so you can land anything from a Flathead to a Barra with ease.
  • Rubber Coated Netting to prevent nasty net hookups and protect your fish for catch-and-release fishing.


  • Lightweight design – Only 750 grams
  • Compact folding design for storage
  • 128cm in length
  • Net Size – Width 500mm x Length 500mm x Depth 400mm
  • Less hook tangling with Strong Rubber Coated netting material
  • A comfy grip on the handle
  • Easy to use


Don’t be fooled by cheap knock-offs… this folding landing net is coated in high quality, durable and long lasting rubber to actually protect the fish and prevent hookups.

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