"Illuminator" IL60 60mm Vibe Lure - Black Knight

$17.95 $20.95
The ILLUMINATOR IS60 60mm Vibe is a fun alround lure for chasing everything from Murray Cod, Barra, Bream and Flathead as well as everything in between. Vibe fishing is a fun and active style of fishing as you need to work the lure to make it effective. However, it is a very fun and nearly always produces fish bites if they are in the area. With so many retrieve methods that you can use, you can mix it up to hook up.
With a subtle internal rattle it wil also produce a slight noise which assists with attracting your target fish.


  • Action: Sinking
  • Trebles: Super Sharp #8 (Rear) #6 (Belly) VMC 3x STRONG 9626 Barra Trebles (can be changed upon request)
  • Length: 60mm


  • Ideal for: Yellow Belly, Murray Cod, Barramundi, Bream, Flathead and everything in between
  • Handcrafted in Australia 🦘
  • Ultra Sharp and Resilient Trebles
  • Perfect in Estuaries, Rivers and Creeks and Dams

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