"DINO Diver" 90mm Deep Diver - DINO Purple

The "DINO Diver" a fish catching lure made to handle even the biggest of fish. It is a 90mm Deep Diving Lure, handcrafted for chasing Small and Large Murray Cod and Yellow Belly in both rivers and dams. With the through wire tow point, super strong split rings and ultra sharp hooks, these diving lures will grab on and hold until you land your fish. The action is wide and with the an internal rattle, they will attract fish to the lure. Get catching more fish with the "DINO Diver" Deep Diving Timber Lure.
It is a floating lure with a through wire line attachment that is secured into the body for added strength. Though it is mainly for Cod, the "DINO Diver" will also work for targeting larger Yellow Belly. Fitted with ULTRA SHARP AND STRONG 5x Strong trebles and tough split rings, these lures will grab on and not let you down.
Action: Floating
Trebles: Ultra Sharp #1 (Rear) and #1/0 (Belly) (can be changed upon request) 5x Strong
Length: 90mm

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