"Illuminator" IL70 70mm Vibe Lure - Green Bait

The "Illuminator" is a handcrafted vibe lure that outperforms many others. They are designed and handcrafted and painted by Greg and are unique in every way. The colours are vibrant and provide different styles to suit what you like.
The vibration of the "Illuminator" is tight and effective and ideal for various styles of fishing.

Best used in a Burn and Kill technique. That being to cast and let it sink, retrieve and then stop and let sink again. A few twitches can also be thrown in to really exaggerate the action of the lure.

Fitted with super strong and sharp VMC trebles and tough split rings, these lures will grab on and not let you down.

Ideal for: Yellow Belly, Murray Cod, Barramundi, Bass, Bream, Flathead, Taylor and many more.
Action: Sinking
Trebles: Super Sharp #6 VMC
Length: 70mm
Weight: 13g

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