"Scorcher" LS55 55mm Diver - Baitfish 2

The "SCORCHER" LS55 is a versatile 55mm minnow style diving lure. It is a shallow to medium diver that is perfect for targeting various species such as Yellow Belly, Bass, Bream and many more. It is action city with how it swims through the water with a realistic yet action packed motion that attracts fish and is sure to be one of our favourites for catching your favourite species, both freshwater and saltwater.
It is a suspending/slow floating lure and even though it is small, packs a punch with strength and catching fish much larger then it should. With VMC Trebles that are super sticky (extremely sharp) these lures will grab on and not let you down.
*Note: being hand crafted, not all lures will be suspending. They vary in different minor aspects and at minimum will be a slow floating style.
Action: Suspending/Slow Floating
Trebles: Super Sharp #8 Rear and #6 Front (can be changed upon request) VMC
Length: 55mm

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