"Scorcher" LS75 75mm Deep Diver - Red Shine

$23.95 $24.95
The "Scorcher" LS75 is a 75mm Deep Diving Lure that is handcrafted and painted right here in Aus. It is a deep diver that has a tight and noticeable action you could only dream of so you can attract more fish.
The shape and colours are ideal for different species from saltwater through to fresh and with a suspending/slow floating characteristic, they offer you the ability to twitch it and leave it in the fish's face for longer and increase your hookup rate. Fitted with super strong and sharp VMC trebles and tough split rings, these lures will grab on and not let you down.

When trolled, the LS75 will sit comfortably at the 3+ meter mark and when stopped, will suspend or slowly float at the same depth.
Ideal for: Yellow Belly, Murray Cod, Barramundi, Bass, Bream, Flathead, Taylor and many more.
SPECIFICATIONS Action: Suspending/Floating Depth: 4-6m +- 2m Trebles: Super Sharp #6 VMC (can be changed upon request) Length: 75mm

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