"Stormer" ST90 90mm Surface Lure - Blue Devil

The Lighthouse "Stormer" ST90 90mm Surface Lure - Blue Devil is for those fishos that love to chase the surface strike for Bass (ST55), Murray Cod and Barra (ST90). There is nothing quite like getting smacked by a larger size fish on the surface and reeling it in. The Stormer surface lure waddles its way along the surface and leaves a wake behind it while creating a splashing effect while retrieving. This attracts the eye of the fish that thinks it is an injured bird or other creature. Fitted with super strong Trebles and tough split rings, these lures will grab on and not let you down.

The ST90 is your perfect surface lure for catching Murray Cod and Barra in Dams, Rivers and Creeks. An action that will attract even the most turned off fish, you will enjoy reeling in more Cod than ever before on the surface. 


  • Action: Crawling Surface
  • Trebles: Super Sharp #1 (can be changed upon request) 5x STRONG Trebles
  • Length: 90mm


  • Ideal for: Murray Cod and Barramundi
  • Handcrafted in Australia 🦘
  • Ultra Sharp and Resilient Trebles
  • Perfect in Rivers and Creeks for small, medium and large fish

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